Black Lighting is a refreshment in the superhero and comic book world.

It`s a story of a high school principal Jefferson Pierce that goes back to his old vigilante alter-ego Black Lightning to save his daughters.

It brings out some real plots and realistic and it has a real attitude.

Critics and movie buffs loved the show so much that it had scored 96% on Rotten Tomatoes when the first season aired.

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A story about teenage lovers Dagger (Olivia Holt ) and Cloak (Aubrey Joseph), who fall in love and have to deal with both love problems and the fact that they are both have superpowers.

They soon realize that they work best as a team, making a one of the kind combo of superhero lovers.

Even though it`s a superhero show it tackles some of the worlds biggest problems of today.

Powers, special effects and overall cinematography are top-notch and worthy of Hollywood blockbusters.

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The Flash is a story about Barry Allen, a guy who gets struck by lightning.

After 9 months he wakes up to discover that he is given supernatural powers.

He then embraces his new identity and goes on to fight crime in Central City and names himself Flash.

This DC`s superhero possesses unique superpowers such as super speed making him one of the most recognizable superheroes in the DC Comics universe.

Flash appears in Justice League.

Exiting and action-packed, this TV show is a must watch!
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Arrow is a superhero from DC Comics kitchen, based on a famous Green Arrow.

Before he became Arrow, Oliver Queen, is a billionaire, and fighting crime and bad guys is the last thing on his mind.

After 5 years which he spent presumably lost in the sea and dead, he comes back a changed man determined to make things right.

Unlike many comic book heroes, his look is fairly simple, covering his identity only with a hood.

His mission is to fight villains, drug dealers, and criminals on his way to redemption.

He has no superpowers or magic spells, his only weapon is a bow.Continue reading

Supergirl is DC Comics product, a female version of Superman.

One of the, if not the most important and recognizable character in DC Universe.

Kara (Kara Zol-El) was sent from planet Krypton to Earth in order to protect her infant cousin Kal El (Superman).

After her spacecraft got knocked in Phantom Zone, she was trapped there and couldn`t escape for 24 years.

TV show picks off from that point on, meanwhile, infant Kal-El, that she supposed to protect already became Superman.

Stunning visuals for a TV show, interesting characters and their development and connection to Superman universe makes this show worth watchingContinue reading

This is a story about Rip Hunter, a rogue that travels through time in order to form a group of both heroes and villains in a desperate attempt to save the planet Earth and mankind.

Rip Hunter is quite a classical character that`s been first introduced in the ’70s, but this time he`s got a reinvented look and style to him.

Legends of Tomorrow is a fun and well-structured show that you can enjoy on every occasion.

By its humor, character development and voice of the show this is a DC`s response to Marvel`s Guardians of the Galaxy.Continue reading

If you are a fan of DC`s most favorite baby the Batman, you got to watch this show!

This is a story of a Batman`s “non-superhero” sidekick detective James Gordon.

The lack of Batman is compensated by great character writing and actors.

James Gordon is more interesting than ever, while Penguin is back in his full glow as one of the best comic-book villains.

A bold move to try and make Gotham without its most beloved character and make it work is a masterpiece in itself.Continue reading

The Gifted is Marvel`s world set in an alternate universe of the one X-men inhabited.

In this world, X-men are gone.

The Gifted is more intimate and revolves around characters who don`t know (yet) that they are mutants.

Constant problems with society and the world around them and difficulties that mutants undergo while trying to fit in are what makes this show shines.

A show is not over the top with special effects and action but rather subtle and more personal, and it’s just a perfect formula.Continue reading

Agents of SHIELD are a small, highly trained and skilled team of agents that solves cases set in MARVEL world that has not been resolved yet.

A plot that is full of twists and turns, interesting subplots, sprinkled with easter eggs and cameos that are close to the famous MARVEL universe that we all know and love.

This show is for the ones who love intense action, great story, and characters with meaningful and intriguing story arcs.Continue reading